Bricks available for order for the walkway of memorial, Call 678-215-3822

A Living Memorial

 "Healing of the Wounded Spirit Memorial"    PTSD/TBI is Real!  PTSD/TBI is taking many of our strongest heroes!

  Healing of the Wounded Spirit, Inc.  

      PTSD/Traumatic Brain Injury    -   Awareness/Healing  -  Memorial  healing of the wounded spirit ptsd/tbi awareness and healing   

  A Place of Inspiration for  Military Service Members/ Veterans Services / Gold Star Families
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Healing of the Wounded Spirit Memorial, Inc.  
Dedication date postponed for later notice,
 Known for the first - "Florida's First PTSD/TBI Combat Related Memorial"
"Healing of the Wounded Spirit Memorial" 
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Healing of the Wounded Spirit Memorial

 Palm Coast, Florida    Heroes Memorial Park