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Prepare for civilian life

           Whether you have been on active duty for four, six, eight or twenty- plus years, the day will come when you

will leave military service. And making the transition to the civilian world can be an emotional rollercoaster.

          Understanding that this will be a demanding and sometimes exasperating process will allow you to create a

smoother transition.

While on active duty, you always had a job, paycheck, healthcare and  housing allowance. When you transferred

from one duty station to another, there was always a job awaiting you there, with additional training. Depending

on your rank and time in service, you may also have staff and lots of responsibility.

          When you leave the military, you start to enter uncharted territory. While in uniform, people you incountered

knew a lot about who you were, what you were about, But, the uniform stripped away and you meet someone new,

they know nothing about who you are or what you do, suddenly your identity with the world has been gone!

          Now, You have to start redefining who you are, This does not happen overnight. It takes a few years to make

this transition.

When you think about how it will feel when you are out of uniform, here are some things to take into


  • Only 1 in 100 Americans have served or are serving, so most of the people you meet on the outside will

  • have NO IDEA about what Military Life entails.

  • Preparation is the key to how successful your transition will be. Start thinking about what you are

  • passionate about, what will make you jump out of the bed in the mornings and want to get going- and

  • keep you going for another 20 years and more.

  • Hand in hand with the above, look to choose a career, not just a job.

  • If you were a senior non-commissioned officer or officer, think about how it will feel to take orders instead

  • of give them. Will you be able to work for a supervisor who is much younger than you?

  • Can you work in an environment that is not familiar with you? The biggest challenge will come when you

  • need to introduce yourself to strangers at networking events