Suffering has been stronger than all other teachings, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent, bruised,  broken for way to long to remember and been in pieces, due to Army experiences/scenes, what you have seen, you can not unsee, Worse than a movie can try to imitate. 
But, I know God will put me back into a better shape of being!


             My name is David Isaiah LaDart, I passed away June 4, 2012, I was 25 years old, I passed away Army Active Duty due to PTSD/ Traumatic Brain Injury which was suffered from War Related Injuries. My Mom, Debbie May McLean is going to keep me alive, keep my voice heard, by visiting our Congressmen, Senator's, Our Military Leader's and anyone that will lend an open ear and a caring heart, here in the State of Florida, State of Louisiana, and in Washington, DC, or United States of America.

               Like You, I want to continue to play an active role through my Mom, in making our lives a better place for our community, state and country. Making it a safer place for our children, grandchildren, to run your businesses and forge a future filled with unlimited promises. I served our great nation

in the United States Army, 7 years, with 16 months of it being in the Operation Iraqi Freedom and  Iraq War, during the time after Saddam Hussein, had been found and captured in his spider hole, They called this "The Surge to Quell the Fighting".

During that time I had suffered a TBI and PTSD due to a head injury, I received care in WTU

Wurzburg, Germany for which I was declared 80% disabled, the Army Chief of Staff, General Ray Odierno, told my mother, Debbie McLean, Jan 3, 2014, that I should have been Med Boarded, Hospitalized and sent on for my VA benefits and SSD benefits, to go on to live life, as best as possible, not be told that I could sign and be put back 0% and go back to Full Duty!!! Me being the gung ho Soldier I was, wanting to go back to war! There was a mistake!


How can a Soldier, or anyone suffering PTSD/TBI expect that they can make a decision such as this, that may affect your life, your families life, I want to know how do they expect someone in a mental state make these type of decisions????? 

               It was my intention, as a United States Army Soldier,  to raise my family, take care of my wife, my son, to retire as that, Proud, Strong and Honorable, just as my family members, that I so looked up to before me, that wore those military badges and uniforms, as I was a kid, I would sit around on holidays, arm wrestling with my uncle, thinking one day, I would put my retired uncle down, as I looked up to him, as a Hero! As my two Uncles served during the Operation Desert Storm, one in the middle of a Saudi Arabia Air Port medic tent built for the US Marine Hospital, where one of my Uncle's served as a Medic,  the other one served in the Red Sea on USS Vulcan AR-5,

USS Theodore Roosevelt CBN-71, and US Navy Seabees! The one that served as a medic with the Marines, He still has issues with his PTSD pretty bad. Both, Uncles Do! Now it is OUT.        Needless to say, I will not see the day of arm wrestling him, again! I did not make it, due to the fact of this illness called PTSD/TBI, that is taking and racing across our US military taking 23 Active Duty and Veterans a day with leaps and bounds.  I was told it was a result of war, but would reside in three to four months, I would have a full recovery! Yes. that is what they, the USA Military Hospital/ VA told me and my wife,  and what they did,  was gave me a full recovery, and put me back active duty, then they dumped me! The USA Military Hospital / VA did not, inform me or my wife, and family, that it may, or could come back unexpectedly, and that I need to keep check on my PTSD/TBI issues for the rest of my life, or that when I move from base to base, or should I go back to civilian life, that,  I need to check into a clinic for further treatment, and check up!

               I am going to continue to fight for my Brother's and Sister's in Arms, for my Grandfather, Uncles, are all my Brother's in Arms!  We/They should be able to have better Counseling/Behavioral/Mental/Medical care, there should be NO WAY a Warrior/Soldier/Airman/ Sailor/Veteran in this society of the United States of America, in today's time, an Active Duty Soldier should be able to walk into a  USA Military or VA Hospital, ANYWHERE, and be told, I have NO TIME for you, or CAN NOT BE SEEN, I was told, that, "due to being seen 30 days prior and being deemed in good health report", I could not be seen! I was turned down! Four days later, I was dead! My country, had turned it's back on an Active Army Soldier. While we as, United States Army Soldiers, have been brain washed to depend on the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, that we take care of Our Own, and we go to the USA Military Hospital, we do not depend on the citizen or civilian hospitals or Doctor's for care. So, tell us where do we go, when we have been turned away, from the USA Military or VA Hospital, when they are not going to give us care and treatment that could have saved my life, a Soldier's life. Just ONE. They gave me medicine, I took it, it may not have been doing what it should have been doing based on what stresses I was under at the time, when I was in dire need! I assured my Mom, THE ARMY WAS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF ME! It being I had PTSD/TBI, they did not even give me the time of day for my illness! BUT, They turned me down, Not Caring.

                If you share my mission, I urge you to connect, donate, volunteer to make a voice with our Veteran's, Local Council, Representatives, State, and Federal Entities  to help make change, through Legislation, Where it needs to be!  Help me make a Change Happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference for our families, our communities, and our country! God Bless America!!!



     Carry On!!

 Army Sgt. David I. LaDart

Sept. 13, 1986 - June 4, 2012

 Alive and well, through spirit, Love of my Mom, Son, Wife, Sister's and all Family and friends, my Comrades, and My Gold Star Families.

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