(N) Babe and JoAnne Nelson  

       Astor, Florida

  (K) Kentuckyanajones.com

(V) VeteransSoilProject.com         

(M) Jean MacAllister

        Palm Coast, Florida

        Kenny and Debbie McLean,  GSF and GSM  

        Astor, Florida

  Healing of the Wounded Spirit, Inc.  

      PTSD/Traumatic Brain Injury    -   Awareness/Healing  -  Memorial  healing of the wounded spirit ptsd/tbi awareness and healing   

  A Place of Inspiration for  Military Service Members/ Veterans Services / Gold Star Families
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(S)  Bill and Maggie Shepard

        Astor, Florida



(G) Toni and Craig Gross,  GSF and GSM        

        Tampa, Florida

       Gene and Terri Gordon, GSF and GSM

       Daytona Beach, Florida

(D) Disabled American Veterans, Post 84

        Holly Hill, Florida



(H) Haven Hospice,  org 

        Florida Locations


        Cathy Heighter, GSM

        Palm Coast, Florida

        Patricia Henry,  GSM 

        Tamarac, Florida    

        Marilyn Hilliard

        Sun City CTR, Florida

(L) Reggie and    

        Orange City, Florida

       Ron and Vicki Leignadier

       Ormond Beach, Florida

  (J) Diane Jones,

        San Antonio, Florida

(C) Mike Carauthers 

        Altomonte Springs, Florida



(R) Rolling Thunder, Inc. FL8 Chapter

        Daytona Beach, Florida



(A)Melanie Adams, GSM

       Riverside, Florida

American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.

  Volusia Co., Daytona Beach, Florida Chapter